Month: June 2018

Ai Yamaguchi’s Paintings Combined Traditional, Contemporary Themes

Ai Yamaguchi’s paintings combine traditional Japanese influences and notes of contemporary and pop iconography. Her work has a particularly feminine focus, finding both grace and strength in manga-influenced characters, often juxtaposed with geometric and off-kilter forms. The artist was last mentioned on here and was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. […]

Brave Cop Wades Into Swamp To Save A Stranded Dog

If this sopping-wet dog named Cody has the look of a pup who’s just made a friend for life, there’s a good reason why. His new friend is the person who just made sure he got the chance to live. Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office On Thursday, Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff’s […]

Daniele Papuli’s Startling Paper Sculptures

Daniele Papuli’s amorphous sculptures are crafted with the unlikely material of paper. The artist is able to use varying techniques in order to shape the material into forms and textures not typical to this source. A statement gives some insight into how he views paper: More